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November 23, 1999

Be a 4Kids Detective

When you know the answers to these questions, go to www.4Kids.org/detectives/

What does the word "astronaut" mean in Latin?

What animal was sacred to the ancient Egyptians? (Go to www.nationalgeographic.com/3cities/ to find out.)

Our year is based on which two astronomical objects?


Buckle yourself in and rocket into space with NASA. Just set your control panel to kids.msfc.nasa.gov/, and space travel is seconds away. Once you catch up on the daily news from NASA, get ready for a space walk with "Space and Beyond" for your important research about black holes, solar systems and quasars. You'll also want to zip around in "Rockets and Airplanes" to find out how NASA gets people into space. Explore the creative atmosphere, too, with space stories and space art by kids just like you.


Find out how our ancestors organized their nights and days without a digital watch or day planner. At Calendars Through the Ages, you'll find out how humankind has divvied up its time -- from the Soviet Union's five-day week to various religious calendars. Take a time-out at www.webexhibits.com/ calendars/ and learn about everything from the tropical year to the synodic month. There are all kinds of fascinating calendars: Mayan, Chinese, Islamic, Jewish and Christian. With amazing history and facts, Calendars Through the Ages is the best spot to prepare for the coming millennium countdown!

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