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November 22, 1999

The Pilgrims certainly didn't serve pineapple at their Thanksgiving feast, and it's not a traditional dish now. But you can make a dandy centerpiece with a pineapple.


* 1 piece of medium-weight cardboard

* Felt-tip marker

* Scissors

* 2 red felt pieces (each about 4 by 8 inches)

* Craft glue (or a hot-glue gun if a parent helps)

* 1 package of green or red pipe cleaners

* 1 yellow felt square for beak (2 by 2 inches)

* 1 set of large googly eyes

* Craft T-pins

* A pineapple

What to do:

1. Take a marker and draw on the cardboard a turkey neck and head, about 8 by 3 inches. Cut out along the lines.

2. Lay cardboard cutout on red felt pieces and trace 1/4-inch outside the cardboard with a marker. Cut out felt pieces.

3. Glue one felt piece on each side of cardboard head and neck.

4. Put glue on edges of the turkey neck. Then lay pipe cleaner around edge, pressing into glue.

5. Cut two triangles of yellow felt. Make the base about 1 inch and the sides about 1/ inches long. Glue on beak and eyes. Use extra pipe cleaner bits for chin and wattle.

6. Attach neck to pineapple with T-pins.

It's turkey time!

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