25 years ago: The county commissioners are extending an...


November 21, 1999

25 years ago: The county commissioners are extending an invitiation to all Carroll County citizens to visit the new county ofice building this Sunday afternoon. -- the Community Reporter, Nov. 22, 1974. 50 years ago: The mayor and council announced this week that plans for the dedication of the City War Memorial on Dec. 11 are being completed. Advertising displays and commercial vehicles will not be permitted in the parade. It is requested that residents and business establishment display the flag during the entire day. Dr. Lowell S. Ensor, president of Western Maryland College, will preside at the dedication ceremonies at the memorial site. -- Democratic Advocate, Nov. 25, 1949.

100 years ago: Messrs. George W. Albaugh, Fred D. Miller, A.H. Huber, F. Thomas Babylon land Guy W. Steele, of this city, are the incorporators of the company for the construction of a turnpike from the city to Smallwood. Mr. Albaugh is president; Mr. Miller vice president, and Mr. Huber secretary and treasurer. Considerable grading has been done and it is designed, if possible, to have the road completed within the next six weeks. -- Democratic Advocate, Nov. 25, 1899.

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