`R' in Republican shouldn't stand for `retreat'Recent...


November 21, 1999

`R' in Republican shouldn't stand for `retreat'

Recent controversy has been stirred up, possibly "enhanced" by the press, looking to start a fight over our Carroll County Republicans running of a Beretta pistol raffle to raise funds.

This has sparked much debate, supposedly supplanting "reasonable debate" on Maryland Attorney General Joseph Curran's gun ban. As in any issue, symbolism is important.

I would like to share some images which come to mind. First, note the last Liberty Tree was just recently taken down in Annapolis. It had died.

They found it was hollow, eaten by decay from inside. It had no core, and thus would not be able to stand firm, in the event of a storm. Thomas Jefferson said, "The Tree of Liberty needs to be refreshed with the blood of patriots from time to time, to survive." Ironic, isn't it

Then, Mr. Curran, reportedly the top law enforcement person in Maryland, proposed his personal agendain place of existing laws of the land, both state and federal. It was a little elitist, but not quite as elitist as Gov. Parris N. Glendening's "smart guns" proposal.

Were they waiting for the Liberty Tree to go down first, before taking away what patriots fought to give us? Another thought: Lord Admiral Horatio Nelson and his fleet were in the midst of battle when he was ordered to retreat by his superior, who was some miles away, unengaged in battle. He put his telescope to his blind eye, and said, "I don't see the recall order," ignored it and went on to lead the British to a great victory at the Battle of Copenhagen. The other admiral, his "more knowing superior" retired.

Last thought: Those who forget history are doomed to repeat it. Recall a French Queen, a politician of her day, out of touch with her people. When people were rioting in the streets, clamoring for bread (leadership?), she cried out, "Let them eat cake!" She lost her head over that statement.

I want the "R" in Republican to stand for "resolve," not"retreat."

Joseph Burns Jr., Westminster

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