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November 21, 1999

The last thing county school system needs

Citizens of Howard County should be aware there is amovement afoot to politicize Howard County public education. First, Del. Frank Turner (Democrat) is sponsoring a bill in the Maryland legislature to cause school board members in Howard County to be elected from districts rather than at large. This brings politics into the election process. Also, at the behest of Council Chairman C. Vernon Gray (Democrat), with the support of council members Guy Guzzone (Democrat) and Mary Lorsung (Democrat), a meeting was held a month ago to address some alleged problems with public schools in Columbia. Ms. Lorsung said, "It may be time for the county to consider a serious departure from past practice." Additional meetings of this kind had been set for Nov. 8 and 29. Republican members of the County Council were only allowed to sit in the audience at the Oct. 18 meeting and apparently are not parties to the November meetings.

This is the beginning of the end of an excellent public school system unless there is a public outcry to stop this nonsense. Once the politicians get their hands on the school system, citizens sooner or later will be looking for private schools or considering home-schooling.

Donald B. W. Messenger, Laurel

Show Howard side of U.S. 1

As always, Jamal Watson did a nice job in The Sun's article (Nov. 7), "Revamping part of U.S. 1 gains steam," which described efforts to "clean up Howard County's portion of U.S. 1."

However, the accompanying photo taken by David Hobby shows U.S. 1 in Prince George's County. As a Howard County resident, I would appreciate that the next picture of U.S. 1 would be taken on the Howard County side of the bridge.

Mary Rekus, Laurel

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