Retired Brig. Gen. Austin Shofner,83, who managed to keep...

Deaths Elsewhere

November 17, 1999

Retired Brig. Gen. Austin Shofner,83, who managed to keep a diary hidden while in a Japanese prison camp during World War II, died Monday in Shelbyville, Tenn.

General Shofner and nine other Marines took advantage of work details outside the camp walls to escape through the Philippine jungles.

His diary is preserved in the Tennessee State Library and Archives. His listing in the Tennessee Encyclopedia of History and Culture calls the diary a "valuable historical record of the war in the Philippines."

R. J. Vealey,37, drummer for Atlanta Rhythm Section, collapsed and died Saturday from a heart attack shortly after a performance in Orlando, Fla.

Eric Neisser,52, the new president and dean of Franklin Pierce Law Center at Franklin Pierce College in Concord, N.H., died Nov. 8 after suddenly falling ill at a meeting in Concord. He had been dean only since July. His death came three months after former Franklin Pierce Dean Robert Viles drowned while swimming in France at age 60.

Daniel Margolies,89, a prosecutor at the Nuremberg war crimes trials, died of pneumonia Nov. 6 in Aurora, Colo.

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