Web offers tips for watching meteor shower

November 15, 1999|By Frank D. Roylance

Thursday morning's Leonid meteor shower could produce the biggest meteor "storm" in 33 years, with hundreds, or even thousands, of meteors an hour between midnight and dawn.

It could also fizzle, or be obscured by clouds.

Whatever happens outdoors, Web surfers can watch the Leonids and learn all about them without leaving their computers.

Here are some sites to check out:

* Thursday's Classroom: A rich basic primer on the Leonid phenomenon and its history. Great for kids, there are even lesson plans for teachers. Go to www.thurs daysclassroom.com.

* Leonids live: These sites expect to offer live Web casts of the Leonid shower from various points around the globe. Go to www.leonidslive. com starting at 1:30 a.m. Thursday. A Japanese site, www.live-leonids. org, will go live a day earlier.

* Observer reports: The Aerospace Corp. will post reports from observers around the world at www.leonidstorm.com.

* Leonid history: A thorough account is at http://comets. ams meteors.org/meteors/showers/leonidhis. html.

* Leonid links: Try the Armaugh Observatory site in Ireland, www.arm.ac.uk/leonid/index.html.

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