Below are insider transactions for publicly held companies...

Insider Trading

November 15, 1999

Below are insider transactions for publicly held companies based in Maryland or having substantial operations here. Insiders are officers, directors or owners of 10 percent or more of a corporation's stock.

Legg Mason Inc.

Edmund J. Cashman,director, disposed of, by gift, 500 shares of common at an unreported price Sept. 29 and now directly holds 383,266 common.

Mercantile Bankshares

Richard O. Berndt,director, purchased 3,000 shares of common at between $32.63 and $32.88 each Oct. 19 and now directly holds 32,317 common.

Provident Bankshares

Enos K. Fry,director, exercised an option for 8,814 shares of common at 78 cents each Oct. 22 and now directly and indirectly holds 67,323 common.

T. Rowe Price Assoc.

Brian C. Rogers,director, exercised an option for 50,000 shares of common at $4.25 each Sept. 8 and sold 27,000 shares for $30.18 each Sept. 8. He now holds 555,321 common.

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