Make Terps a priorityFor many years I have been an avid...


November 14, 1999

Make Terps a priority

For many years I have been an avid reader of your paper and have enjoyed it very much. As a proud University of Maryland alumnus, I have always enjoyed The Sun's coverage, perspective and editorials on Terps athletics.

Most recently, however, I have become disturbed with the small emphasis you are giving to Maryland football.

I have noticed you send only Bill Free to cover the Terps' football games. He is an excellent reporter and is very thorough. The problem is having only one reporter cover the games. Maryland football is experiencing its finest season since Bobby Ross coached them 13 years ago. I have always remembered two or even three reporters covering their games.

Two years ago, you pulled Paul McMullen away from Terps football to concentrate his efforts with Gary Williams' basketball program. Is his workload that busy that you can't afford to send him to Maryland football games on Saturday?

Please reconsider your priorities. I don't want to have to start picking up the Washington Post again.

Brien A. McMurray, Severna Park

Billick right about refs, NFL

Brian Billick had it right in his assessment of both the officials and the league regarding the Ravens' game against the Browns.

NFL commissioner Paul Tagliabue probably would've liked to have put on a striped shirt and thrown a few flags himself.

There are no checks and balances in the league office, and regardless of the opinion of the local print media, Baltimore has been and will continue to be the ugly stepchild of the NFL.

We Ravens fans should use this as a rallying point and stand behind Coach Billick with the us-against-the-league philosophy.

Stephen Lutz, Reisterstown

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