'Liberty Heights' premiere


November 14, 1999|By Sloane Brown

Rebekah Johnson, the young star of "Liberty Heights," munched brownies brought to her from the dessert table by a local doctor. "He said he'd heard actresses don't eat much, and he wanted to make sure I did!" Johnson was heard telling co-star Ben Foster, just before the two were swept up in a sea of new fans at the movie's premiere party.

The buzz in the tent behind the Senator Theatre was "bravo!" for Baltimore-born director Barry Levinson's fourth B'more-based film. Its premiere here raised $80,000 for the Osler Scholar Program at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine and the Jewish Museum of Maryland.

Mingling with Levinson in the crowd of 800: event co-chairs Drs. John and Risa Mann; Judy Langenthal, Jewish Museum board president; Roslyn Hannibal Booker, a development assistant at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine; Carlton Smith, who played singer James Brown in the movie; Vincent Peranio, film production designer; Chip Silverman, Richard Sher, Dr. Sylvan Feldman and Dr. Larry Becker, Levinson's childhood friends; Carol Siegmeister, interior designer; Larry Macks, Boulder Ventures Ltd. partner; Sue Hess, Maryland arts lobbyist; and Nancy Cohen, president of Eddie's of Roland Park.

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