Kitchen upgrade called best way to boost home's value

Real Estate Watch

November 14, 1999

When it comes to retaining value, there is nothing like cooking up some improvements to the kitchen area of a home.

According to the November issue of Realtor Magazine, the official publication of the National Association of Realtors, minor kitchen improvements will return 82 percent of their cost, while the addition of a home office is the least cost-effective home improvement with a 51 percent return.

The issue looked at 11 common types of home improvement projects.

The addition of a bathroom will return 72 percent, the addition of a family room will return 71 percent and a major kitchen remodeling will return 70 percent, while replacement of windows, ad dition of a deck and replacement of siding all return 60 percent or less.

The return on investment estimates for the 11 remodeling projects were provided by industry professionals and appraisers from 60 metropolitan markets.

While projects that improve the exterior of the home may get homebuyers inside a house, projects that emphasize functionality, durability and convenience bring the highest returns, the study found.

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