George V. Higgins, 59, the prosecutor-turned-novelist who...

Deaths Elsewhere

November 09, 1999

George V. Higgins, 59, the prosecutor-turned-novelist who put Boston organized crime figures in both prison and fiction, including his best seller "The Friends of Eddie Coyle," died Saturday at his home in Milton, Mass., apparently of natural causes, police Sgt. Jack Richman said Sunday.

Pepi Deutsch, one of the world's oldest survivors of the Holocaust at 101, died Friday in Scarsdale, N.Y., while hospitalized for bladder cancer. Mrs. Deutsch, a Hungarian Jew, endured Auschwitz, slave labor and the death of 37 relatives including her husband, her son and her mother. In the 1950s, Mrs. Deutsch, her daughter, her daughter's husband and their son came to the United States. They eventually settled in the New York City suburb of Scarsdale, where they lived together for 24 years.

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