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November 07, 1999


Rekindling an old romance

Kim Montague


Paris is thought to be the most romantic city in the world. So why did I go there to heal my heart-ache? Paris and I have had a long-standing love affair. Even before we met, I loved from afar. Through books, magazines and television shows, I saw a glimpse of splendor.

I had visited my love in '95 and truly enjoyed my experience. I was lighthearted and free. Paris only seemed to be providing me what I craved.

This time, the trip was different because I suffered from "mal coeur" (heart-ache). I couldn't wait to leave my bags at the hotel and go sightseeing. As I took the subway ride to see our "baby," my heart raced and my pulse quickened.

The sun was setting over the Seine, and I had to act fast. I wanted to capture a picture of my "baby." Walking near Pont Neuf, I looked up and found the right angle to capture it. I got just the right shot of the Eiffel Tower. As I marveled at the height and beauty of this architecture, I forgot about my problems. No matter how many times you visit Paris and snap pictures, you stop and think that these are sculptures you've read about, talked about and imagined from afar. To actually see such objects in the flesh, and realize they were created centuries ago, puts everything in perspective.

In Paris I rediscovered myself and fell in love with life all over again!

Kim Montague lives in Baltimore.

Sentinels of the shore


By Deanna McIntyre, Denton

I shot this photo in January of the Twelve Apostles, rock formations along Australia's Great Ocean Road, which runs from Melbourne to Adelaide in South Australia. This beautiful stretch of beach is a protected bird sanctuary. No humans are allowed to walk here, enabling it to remain undisturbed and peaceful.



Charles A. Wunder, Baltimore

"There's something to be said for elaborately planned trips, but quickies have their own charm, too. Our recent five-day visit to Maine was put together in a few hours almost entirely through the Internet: B&Bs, plane tickets, car rental and even an antique gallery. The splendid early June weather was an unplanned bonus."


Bettye K. Walters, Columbia

"On a recent trip to London, I spent an enchanting afternoon exploring the British Museum. One of its most fascinating artifacts is the Rosetta Stone, which was discovered by Napoleon's expedition in 1799. Its text is in hieroglyphics, demotic and Greek. It was used to decipher hieroglyphics on the pyramids. The museum's placard noted that this was the first time in 1,500 years that the stone had been displayed in its correct, upright position."


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