No room for dissent with commissionersIt had been my...


November 07, 1999

No room for dissent with commissioners

It had been my privilege to have contributed in some small degree to Carroll County's fine Landscaping and Forest Conservation ordinances prior to their contrived demise by Commissioner Donald I. Dell.

I see he has now found two other politicians willing to help him in the final gutting by establishing a very biased commissioner-appointed committee to cue up their dirty work for them. In their rush to find a rubber stamp in this committee, they have intentionally decided to bypass their own planning commission.

Of the five members appointed to this committee, only one has no ax to grind and that poor soul is a county employee who certainly knows better than to cross the others assigned to this task. A close look at the employment of the committee members and their past positions on both laws will reveal that they have all taken opportunities to either weaken or fell both ordinances during the past decade.

If Carroll County is to enter a period of accelerated residential and industrial growth, as it appears these commissioners have in mind, it is even more important that there be strong laws in place to assure that the property values of existing landowners are protected and that there are environmental safeguards in place to ameliorate any ill effects.

Carroll County has a clear choice in either choosing to scrape the bottom of the barrel for developers who cannot play by reasonable rules or seeking a path which will assure that future development actually enhances the county and betters the well-being of its residents. The mere tasking of this committee is clear evidence of their choice.

This is not the first time that Mr. Dell and this doleful group of appointees have had an opportunity to whack at these laws. It is the first time that such an unbalanced committee has been assigned the task.

Missing from the roster of appointees is their own staff environmental expert, Jim Slater, and many individuals who have previously offered considered, professional commentary on these complex, important matters. At least in years past, the county politicians attempted to give the appearance of appointing balanced committees.

Now it is apparent that they only want to hear from those who are in lockstep with their narrow-minded ideologies. We will all pay a dear price for their policies of greed and desperation in years to come.

Neil M. Ridgely, Finksburg

Change smoke detector batteries now

Be sure to change your smoke detector batteries when time changes. Smoke detector batteries should be changed twice a year. It's easy to remember when you change your clocks, change your batteries.

We would also like to remind you that your detectors need to be vacuumed out so they work effectively. Smoke detectors should be tested to ensure they are in working order at least once a month; once a week is even better.

Detectors should also be replaced every 10 years. If you have hard-wired smoke detectors, they should have battery backup.

If not, you should have a separate battery-powered backup smoke detectors. You and your family would still be protected during a power outage.

Debbie Gartrell-Kemp, Mount Airy

The writer is fire prevention chairwoman for the Mount Airy Volunteer Fire Company.

Joe, come get my gun

We finally got one of the liberal, leftist swines (Joe Curran) to admit that their agenda is and always has been to completely disarm everyone in the state of Maryland.

Attorney General Curran, you are welcome to all my guns. The only thing you have to do is to come to my home and collect them. Don't send your cronies. You just come yourself.

Kenneth T. Frock, New Windsor

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