Justice Department vs. Microsoft

November 06, 1999

A time line of events in the Microsoft case:


1991: Federal Trade Commission investigates claims that Microsoft monopolizes personal computer operating system market

1993: FTC drops case; Justice Department begins investigation


1994: Microsoft and Justice Dept. reach settlement; Microsoft changes PC maker contracts, lifts restrictions on other software firms

Feb. 1995: Federal judge rejects settlement as an inadequate remedy to Microsoft "monopoly"

'Bundling' investigation

1996: Federal investigation of Microsoft's "bundling" its Internet browser with Windows 95

Oct. 1997: Justice Department claims that Microsoft's browser marketing violates '94 settlement

Court order on Windows 95

Dec. 1997: Federal District Judge Thomas Penfield Jackson orders Microsoft to stop bundling its browser with Windows 95

May 1998: Federal appeals court rules that order doesn't apply to Windows 98

Microsoft on trial

May 1998: Justice Department and 20 states file broad anti-trust case against Microsoft, say it tried to ruin its competitors

Oct. 1998: Trial begins; video-tape of deposition by Microsoft CEO Bill Gates presented

Jan. 1999: Justice Department rests case after last testimony

June 1999: Microsoft rests case

Friday: Penfield issues his "finding of fact": Microsoft has been shown to have a monopoly in PC operating systems

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