O'Malley's neighborhood to-do list

November 04, 1999

WITH the city election over, the hard part starts for Mayor-elect Martin O'Malley: He has to roll up his sleeves and get busy tackling Baltimore's problems. Of course, Mr. O'Malley made zero-tolerance the focus of his mayoral campaign. But our survey of neighborhood leaders found a variety of issues that they would like to see him handle first: * * *

Jeff Sattler president

Lauraville Improvement


Money needs to come out to the outer city, to the middle-class communities where we're losing people. We're trying to put together a privately funded housing program because [most] grants don't apply to neighborhoods like ours. It would also be nice to be on a first-name basis with the mayor after being forgotten for the last 12 years.

Stacy Freed member

Ednor Gardens/Lakeside Civic Association

Mr. O'Malley has to find a way to shore up the "early suburban" neighborhoods . . . to find a way to keep Ednor Gardens from slipping away after six years of slow erosion.

William F. Eberhart Jr. president

Franklintown Community


Two things are at the top of my list -- dealing with the open air drug problem, which he has [promised] to do. The other is controlling traffic on neighborhood streets and through Leakin Park. People go through residential neighborhoods at 60 mph -- it's symbolic of total disregard for laws in Baltimore.

Solomon Jordan president

United Neighbors of Park Heights

Get on the slumlords and rid our neighborhood of vacant properties. These old houses are falling down and you can't get hold of the landlord. When the city doesn't do its job, I get out [to the vacant lots] with a weed-eater but I don't have the right equipment. We need someone to push the city to do it. People throw trash on these lots and hide drugs in the bushes.

Ken Gelula executive director

Comprehensive Housing

Assistance Inc.

I'd like to see Mr. O'Malley take his [Irish] band to all the different parts of Baltimore. to make music with the Jews, the people from the Caribbean, African Americans and Asians. He should go all over Baltimore and let music be the common denominator to express things that can't always be said with words.

Doris McGuigan president

Concerned Citizens for Better Brooklyn

We need a senior citizens center. We have nothing for seniors here except churches and that's very limited. I would love to have a senior center between Curtis Bay and Brooklyn so that both neighborhoods could use it. And I would like to see high school students build it. . . . High school kids did a similar project in Anne Arundel County. People keep asking, "What can we do with our children?" Well here's something.

Frank Jannuzi board president

Charles Village Community

Benefits District

The big picture would be to see [O'Malley] endorse and support the Charles Village master plan as part of the city-wide planning process. The master plan is a comprehensive revitalization of the historic Charles Village community. It addresses infrastructure, schools and revitalization of existing retail.

Cathy B. Brown former director

Cherry Hill 2000

Keep the momentum going that we created with the Schmoke administration -- it would be a shame to have to re-create the wheel. I would like to see our senior housing project come to fruition and move forward with home ownership.

Mary Lou Kline president

Morrell Park Community


I want to see people in City Hall respond when we call for sanitation problems. People don't put their trash out properly or they leave it out too long and animals tear it open. A lot of people don't take care of their yards.

Myles B. Hoenig president

Waverly Improvement


Create a sense of hope. With all the problems we have, we know there will be a way out because of a new spirit we're building, but we'd like re-enforcement from the mayor's office. The city could help with the marketing of our neighborhoods.

Jan Danforth member

Concerned Citizens of Woodberry

Protect the Woodberry woods from developers, an 80-acre watershed forest that has been at risk for a long time. So far, it's intact but a lot of people want to pave it over. I would like to see it become part of a land trust instead of a parking lot.

David H. Schulyer president

Community of Curtis Bay


I would like to see a "hot spot" team in this area. We need more surveillance for drugs and prostitution by more full-time police officers on site.

Jean Yarborough president

Northwest Baltimore Corp.

Sanitation -- clean it up and help us keep it clean. We need more code enforcement, mostly in the back alleys. Some of these people [with code violations] have been guilty for years.

Shirley Doda past president

Locust Point Civic Association

Help us clean our streets. We don't have a hokey man anymore down here. Our people are clean down here, but we could use some help. And help our teens with a little more recreation.

Interviews were conducted by Sun reporter Rafael Alvarez.

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