Should Halloween be on last Saturday?

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November 03, 1999

Last time, we asked: Should Halloween be observed on the last Saturday of October? Some people think so. When Oct. 31 falls on a weekday, children and parents must squeeze trick-or-treating and festivities in after school and work, often after dark, raising a safety issue. Celebrating on Saturday would allow earlier trick-or-treating and give families time to schedule other Halloween events, such as parties. What do you think?

I definitely don't think that they should switch it to the last Saturday. That's ridiculous. It's a holiday. If we change everything to make it easier for the parents, I think we lose sight of the fact that it's supposed to be fun for the kids and fun for everyone. And you lose the spontaneity of it.

Sheila Riess, Ellicott City

Halloween should definitely be on the last Saturday of October. It's easier for parents not to rush on a Sunday night to get kids home, into bed or get them up for school on Monday. Also, kids get to stay out later and gives parents a chance to sleep in the next day.

Heather Lang, Baltimore

As a parent of three young elementary school children, I would find it much easier to have Halloween celebrated, or trick-or-treating celebrated, on the last Saturday of October. There are many times when you go out trick-or-treating on a weekday night when people aren't even home from work yet to be able to greet the trick-or-treaters.

Betty Ann Kyser, Ellicott City

I'm 62 years old. I grew up knowing when Abe Lincoln and George Washington celebrated birthdays. Today's children don't know them. Halloween is based on a religious holiday and should be left alone. What holiday would you like to change next for convenience? Christmas? New Year's? If the date is changed, kids will trick-or-treat on two days. Parties can always be planned for weekends for those who wish to have them, without mandating it for everyone.

Marilyn Dlugos, Ellicott City

I think Halloween should be observed on Halloween. One of my greatest memories as a kid was going to school and getting dressed up for the school parties. For years everybody's been squeezing it in. It's a great day. It should not be changed. You just can't change a holiday every time it's convenient.

Kris Greenbaum, Ellicott City

I would think it is best to observe Halloween on the last Saturday of the month. That would give a chance for the kids to trick-or-treat and then have a good night's sleep and not worry about school the next day.

Essie Yamini, Columbia

I think that Halloween should stay on Oct. 31. It's a one-day event that kids look forward to all year long. If we're going to move Halloween, why don't we move Christmas because the 25th sometimes falls in the middle of the week, too, and that's inconvenient.

Ellen Self, Columbia

Yes, definitely the last Saturday of October for Halloween would be great. I have three little ones, and it's definitely hard to do when it happens during a school night. But, yes, we would love it.

Susie Lanuza, Woodbine

The following responses were submitted from children who attend Burleigh Manor Middle School in Ellicott City:

I think that Halloween should be moved to the last Saturday of October every year because last night, when I was trick-or-treating, I had to stop early because of school. Another reason is because maybe you want to have a party on Halloween night.

Brendon Kennerly, Grade 6

I think Halloween should be celebrated on the last Saturday of the month because many kids won't get stressed over homework or studying before going trick-or-treating. Also, since there won't be school the next morning, they can stay up later and the kids can get more candy.

Michelle Jiang, Grade 6

I think that Halloween should be observed on the last Saturday of October because if it is on a weekday, then kids have to do homework. If it is on the last Saturday, then kids can stay up later and get more candy.

Caitlin Hauck, Grade 6

On the issue of whether or not to change Halloween to the last Saturday of October, I agree. Seeing as how most teachers like to teach students who are awake, this change would cut down on the napping of tired, exhausted students. I vote for a yes.

Adam Kirchenbauer, Grade 7

I think Halloween should be changed to the last Saturday of October. This way kids can stay out later and not have to worry about going to bed early because school is the next day. Also, then you can have a party without cramming it into the school schedule.

Stephen Hendrix, Grade 7

I think Halloween should be celebrated on Oct. 31. I think this because if only celebrated on Saturdays, kids may not be in the Halloween spirit. Kids could just not feel like it is that fun unless it is really Halloween. Also, Halloween may take place on the weekend so there is no difference.

Jesse Bunce, Grade 7

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