"I like 'Music, Music for Everyone' by Vera B. Williams. A...

Book Reviews

November 03, 1999

"I like 'Music, Music for Everyone' by Vera B. Williams. A girl named Rosie liked to play the accordian and would play for her grandmother. Rosie became worried when her grandmother got sick. Would her grandmother die or would she play for her again? Read to find out."

-- Itavia Nophlin

Leith Walk Elementary

"In 'Nate the Great and the Stolen Base' by Marjorie Weinman Sharmat, Nate and his friends lost the thing they used for second base. It was a plastic octopus. Nate the Great found some legs from the octopus, then found the rest of it behind the shelf. I love all the 'Nate the Great' books because they are mysteries. Nate the Great always solves the problems. Sludge is his dog and he helps Nate find clues."

-- Alex Laderer

Spring Garden Elementary

"The book 'Now One Foot: Now the Other' by Tomie dePaola is very good. A little boy was born and was named after his grandpa Bob. But Bobby gets sad because Bob gets sick. So Bobby helps Bob walk."

-- Katie McCaffery

St. Leonard Elementary

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