Split-topping pizza needs fine-tuning


November 03, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay

* Item: Tombstone Half & Half Pizza

* What you get: 4 servings

* Cost: About $4.59

* Preparation time: 14 to 16 minutes in oven

* Review: Modeling itself after your neighborhood pizzeria (where you can split your pizza toppings as you see fit), Tombstone has come out with a series of double-flavored pizzas. They may need a little more fine-tuning, however. We tried the Pepperoni/Cheese flavor and found the grease from the pepperoni migrated farther than expected. All of the cheese slices tasted faintly of pepperoni, not just the ones that were next to the pepperoni side. Other flavors include Cheese/Sausage and Supreme/Pepperoni.

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