Fruity dish gives calcium boostThis recipe for Blue...


November 03, 1999|By Suzanne Loudermilk

Fruity dish gives calcium boost

This recipe for Blue Cheese-Stuffed Figs and Apricots (pictured above) not only tastes good but also boosts your calcium intake for the day, the American Dairy Association says. Halve 3 fresh figs (or plums) and 3 apricots (seeds removed), and top with 6 ounces crumbled, domestic blue cheese. Drizzle with 1 tablespoon honey and sprinkle with 1 1/2 tablespoons chopped, toasted hazelnuts. Serves 12.

Buying antiques for the holidays

As the holidays approach, the kinds of food we serve may not be our only dilemma. We also have to decide what serving pieces we will need. The Maryland Historical Society Antiques Show, held Friday through Sunday at its headquarters, 201 W. Monument St., may provide options with a variety of decorative silver and porcelain bowls, baskets and trays for sale. For information, call 410-685-3750.

Meals on the go

Even our sit-down meals aren't sacred anymore. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are becoming passe, according to a survey by Roper Starch Worldwide, which found that most Americans graze all day long. "Grab-and-go" foods have inspired this trend, the Grocery Manufacturers of America says, making it easier for people to eat in their cars, in front of their computers or at the ball field.

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