Two-minute drill

November 02, 1999|By Ken Murray


The Saints say they want Mike Ditka back to coach in 2000. Why?

Because they can't win with Erik Kramer or Jim Harbaugh, and because Ryan Leaf won't make the necessary commitment, will the Chargers be in the market for a quarterback early in the draft next spring?

Can the Bengals and Saints play off now for the right to the No. 1 draft pick and cancel the remainder of their seasons? Please?


No, QB Eric Zeier isn't the answer to the Bucs' Super Bowl prayer. Too short. Too immobile.

Adelphia Coliseum just became the second-toughest place to play in the AFC Central behind Jacksonville. But the Titans' new home is clearly the loudest stadium in the division.

Coach Steve Mariucci has handled the clumsy fall of the 49ers and delicate issue of the end of Steve Young's career with dignity and compassion. Ditka would do well to follow the example.


With scary head and neck injuries becoming commonplace in the NFL, the call has gone out for better -- and lighter -- helmets. Dolphins DE Trace Armstrong and G Tim Ruddy were the first to try a new helmet manufactured by Bike that weighs 1.5 pounds less than the standard helmet.

Soon, perhaps as early as next Monday night, several Cowboys will wear the helmet that already is spreading through the college ranks. Among those players who would like to try it is QB Troy Aikman, who has had concussions and missed one series against the Colts on Sunday after a helmet-to-helmet hit by CB Jeff Burris.

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