County to honor environmental efforts today

October 27, 1999

The county commissioners will present their annual Carroll County Environmental Awareness Awards at 3 p.m. today at the Environmental Affairs Advisory Board meeting. The awards recognize individuals, institutions and businesses for achievements in environmental protection and conservation.

The winners are:

Individual Award: Greg Becker, a Sierra Club member who often writes to local newspapers to make people aware of environmental concerns; Bill Becraft, who is involved in volunteer environmental projects and is committed to saving wildlife; and George Mozal, who works with nature daily.

Institutional Award: The all-volunteer group that put together the Community Fitness and Nature Trail in Westminster, bringing attention to nature, preservation and community.

Business/Industry Award: Erin Cooley recycled paper and plastic and encouraged others to recycle while working for The Firm, a health club. She helped reduce a large amount of trash from the business.

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