October 26, 1999

Should Mayor Rudolph W. Giuliani have the misfortune to win his lawsuit to evict the trustees from the Brooklyn Museum of Art, he would have to leave town. And not for the Senate, either.

The city owns the building but the trustees own the 1.5 million works of art therein. If the trustees go, their stuff goes with them. All museums would fight to take in the orphan collection. No one in Brooklyn would forgive that guy.

The mayor despises what he has heard about one painting in a temporary loan show of contemporary art. Well he might. His solution is to dump everything collected over a century. Lunacy.

An iconoclast attacks idol worship, cherished beliefs or institutions. The mayor doubtless is one. The original Iconoclasts tried to destroy all art in all churches of the Empire. They were slapped down by the Second Council of Nicaea in 787.

That's what New York needs, its own Second Council of Nicaea, before the Iconoclast destroys what's best in that town.

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