"I liked the book called 'Knight in Screaming Armor' by...

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October 10, 1999

"I liked the book called 'Knight in Screaming Armor' by R.L. Stine. In the story, an evil man dresses up in armor and pretends to be something he's not. The book really holds your attention. If you like scary books, you'll want to read this one."

-- Earl Nuton

Choptank Elementary

"I read 'Howliday Inn' by James Howe. I recommend this book because it is very interesting. The beginning of the book is about a cat and a dog. Their owners were going on vacation and the dog and cat had to stay at Chateau Bowwow. It turned out there was a mystery to be solved."

-- Karissa Pavelka

Forest Lakes Elementary

"I want you to read books by my favorite author, Mark Twain, whose real name is Samuel Clemens. They are fun to read because they are full of adventure and mystery. Their settings are years ago in the forests, towns, caves and islands along the Mississippi River. These stories have more than one problem to solve and that's what makes them so interesting."

-- Nikhil Karnik

Pointers Run Elementary

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