The after-school conversation

Think About It

September 15, 1999

"How was your day at school?"

That's the question most parents ask their children, and it usually doesn't get much of an answer.

"Fine." or "OK, I guess."

From time to time, Parent & Child will offer you some "conversation starters" excerpted from "The School-Savvy Parent," by Rosemarie Clark, Donna Hawkins and Beth Vachon.

These are questions that will help you get answers about your child's school habits, his supplies, studies and more.

A word of caution, however. Ask only one or two questions at a time!

Here are some questions that come under the heading of "housekeeping."

* How are you doing with keeping your cubby, locker or desk clean?

* How many pencils do you have? Do they still have erasers?

* Do you have all the markers, colored pencils or writing paper you need?

* Is the calculator working right, or is it time for new batteries?

* Do you owe lunch money to anyone? How much?

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