Lovely shows likely to beckon crowds

Art: The Baltimore Museum of Art brings in the Impressionists, while the Walters adopts a French accent

September 09, 1999|By Glenn McNatt | Glenn McNatt,Sun Art Critic

This year's season includes a number of major museum shows that promise to be as beautiful as they are thought-provoking.

An important event locally will be the opening of The Contemporary Museum's new permanent exhibition space at 100 W. Centre St. The first show, starting Sept. 25, is "Impact: Revealing Sources for Contemporary Art," a major survey of the seminal artists of the last 30 years, including Andy Warhol, Louise Bourgeois, Vito Acconci, John Baldessari, Robert Gober, Hans Haacke, Ann Hamilton and Bruce Nauman.

People never seem to tire of impressionist shows, which is why the Baltimore Museum of Art will present in October "The Faces of Impressionism: Portraits From American Collections," an exhibit that focuses on pictures of people rather than landscapes by the great impressionist masters.

After the Walters Art Gallery's show of Georgian art was canceled last month, museum staffers quickly put together "Vive la France: French Treasures From the Middle Ages to Monet," an exhibition of French painting, sculpture and other objects. Also opening in October, this show ought to complement, rather than compete with, the BMA's.

In Washington, the Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden is planning an ambitious exhibition of modern and contemporary art, "Regarding Beauty: A View of the Late 20th Century," beginning Oct. 7. The show examines what has happened to traditional notions of beauty over the course of this tumultuous century.

The Corcoran Gallery of Art also is planning a landmark exhibition, "To Conserve a Legacy: American Art From Historically Black Colleges and Universities." It opens Nov. 20.

Closer to home, local artist Joyce Scott is featured in a one-woman show at the BMA in January. Photographer Connie Imboden will be showing at Gomez Gallery starting Oct. 23, and the American Visionary Art Museum weighs in with another yearlong mega-show, "We Are Not Alone: Angels and Other Aliens," starting Oct. 2.

American Visionary Art Museum, 800 Key Highway, 410-244-1900

Oct. 2-Sept. 3: "We Are Not Alone: Angels and Other Aliens"

Baltimore Museum of Art, 10 Art Museum Drive, 410-396-7100

Sept. 1-Feb. 27: "Robes of Deliverance: Ritual Garments of the Buddhist Priests of Japan"

Oct. 10-Jan. 30: "Faces of Impressionism: Portraits From American Collections"

Jan. 23-May 21: "Joyce J. Scott: Kickin' It With the Old Masters"

March 12-July 16: "French Master Paintings From Baltimore"

March 12- May 28: "Nadar/Warhol: Paris/New York"

April 5-Sept. 10: "Chantilly: The Black Lace"

June 11-Sept. 24: "WPA Printmakers as Cultural Workers"

Contemporary Museum, 100 W. Centre St., 410-333-8600

Sept. 25-Jan. 3: "Impact: Revealing Sources for Contemporary Art"

Sept. 25-Jan. 3: "Video Impact," video exhibit

Jan. 15-April 15: "Snapshot," casual photos by artists

April 30-Aug. 20: "Making Sense"

Jewish Museum of Maryland, 15 Lloyd St., 410-732-6400

Through fall 2000: "Cornerstones of Community: Historic Synagogues of Maryland"

Oct. 24-Dec. 31: "Portraits and Patrons," photographs of New York artists

March-fall 2000: "Tchotchkes," family collectibles

Fall 2000: "Time Capsules," a century of Jewish history

Maryland Historical Society, 201 W. Monument St., 410-685-3750

Sept. 19-Feb. 20: "Wallis: Duchess of Windsor"

Nov. 18-Feb. 27: "Our Washington Is No More: Maryland Reveres George Washington 1799-1829"

April 15-Oct. 9: "Filming Maryland," Maryland history in film

Walters Art Gallery, 600 N. Charles St., 410-547-9000

Oct. 26-Jan. 16: "Vive la France: French Treasures From the Middle Ages to Monet"

March 7-May 28: "Gold of the Nomads: Scythian Treasures From Ancient Ukraine"


Baltimore Clayworks, 5706 Smith Ave., 410-578-1919

Sept. 4-25: "Animalia," works inspired by animals

Oct. 1-9: "It's About Time," clay clocks

Oct. 15-Nov. 13: "Sensuous Surfaces," clay artist Lana Wilson and others

Nov. 20-24: "Winterfest 1999," functional ceramics

Jan. 15-Feb. 26: "Sublime Servers," vessels and sculpture

March 4-April 1: Michael Simon and Silvie Granatelli

May 4-14: Clay jewelry exhibition and sale

May 18-28: Community Arts exhibition

July 29-Aug. 26: Jane Miller solo exhibition

C. Grimaldis Gallery, 523 N. Charles St., 410-539-1080

Sept. 1-Sept. 30: "Symbols/Objects: Stories and Facts Untold," works by Angelos Antonopoulos, Effie Halivopoulou and Yannis Ziogas

October: "New Works," by Bernhard Hildebrandt

November: Henry Coe, paintings; Maria Karametou, works

December: "Fin de Siecle"

Galerie Francoise et Ses Freres, 2360 W. Joppa Road, 410-337-2787

Sept. 9-30: Scott Thorp, paintings

Oct. 1-Nov. 3: Sonya Clark, fiber sculpture

Nov. 4-31: Phillipe Estlund and Cynthia Eguez, collaborative sculptures

December-January: "Millennium" show

Gomez Gallery, 3600 Clipper Mill Road, 410-662-9510

Sept. 4-Oct. 17: Deborah Donelson, paintings; Ted Aub, sculpture; Susan Page, photography

Oct. 23-Dec. 5: Connie Imboden, photographs; Luis Lara, paintings

Dec. 11-Jan 23: Chris Rainier, photographs; Juan Logan, mixed-media sculpture; Albert Schweitzer, paintings

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