Mayoral Time Line

September 01, 1999

1943: Theodore R. McKeldin, a progressive Republican, brings oratory and social conscience to City Hall

1947: Thomas J. D'Alesandro Jr., the brash New Deal Democrat, rides in on the coattails of James H. "Jack" Pollack, last of the bosses.

1959: J. Harold Grady, Philip H. Goodman and R. Walter Graham -- the Three Gs for Good Government -- win with the help of Irvin Kovens in his first big hurrah. Pollack and D'Alesandro lose in blow to the old machine.

1963: McKeldin wins a second term, declaring in his inauguration speech that Baltimore's Inner Harbor should be rescued from grime and disuse.

1967: Thomas J. D'Alesandro III leads the city through the the turbulence of the civil rights movement.

1971: William Donald Schaefer redefines the office of mayor, presiding over a spectacle of renewal and uplift.

1985: City Council President Clarence H. "Du" Burns becomes first black mayor, succeeding Schaefer.

1987: Kurt L. Schmoke becomes the city's first popularly elected black mayor.

1999: The city searches for a leader to brave an ominous new millennium.

Pub Date: 09/01/99

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