Who will my teacher be? Posting of class lists ends the suspense


August 31, 1999|By Nancy Gallant | Nancy Gallant,SPECIAL TO THE SUN

WHILE SCHOOLS officially open this week, the real start of the academic year was Friday afternoon, when many local schools posted class lists so that students could find out who their new teachers will be.

Shortly after the lists were posted on the school walls, cars began to arrive. One by one, families went to the wall to check out the lists. Oh, the excitement.

At Crofton Woods Elementary School, a steady stream of cars pulled into the parking lot. Jon Harwood made two trips to the wall. The first time, he was glad to see that Mrs. Madden would be his fifth-grade teacher. The second time, he wanted to see where his friends would be. Second-grader Michael Kane will be in Mrs. Melchor-Heinlein's class this year. How does he feel about that? "I don't know," he said. "She is a new teacher."

Natalie Sweet will be in Mrs. Sahin's fourth grade. "I've heard wonderful things about her," said Natalie's mom, Karen. And Natalie will have several friends in her class.

Prize-winning pedaling

Team Snow Valley, the Crofton/Annapolis area bicycle racing team, won first place in this year's 10th annual race, the Chris Strader Tour de Crofton.

The event was held Saturday morning, beginning at Crofton Elementary School with a course following the Crofton Parkway loop.

The Tour de Crofton began as part of Crofton's 25th anniversary celebration. It was so popular that it became an annual event.

This year's race was dedicated to the memory of Chris Strader, a junior racer who was an active member of Team Snow Valley.

Chris had just graduated from high school and was preparing for college when he died of an aneurysm. His fellow bicycle racers were so touched by his love for the sport that they named the Crofton event in his honor. Chris's father, Lou Strader, remains active in bicycle racing and was chief official for this weekend's competition.

John Worsing, a longtime Crofton resident who lives in Richmond, Va., returned to Maryland for the race. His traveling paid off. He took first place in the individual race. Keith Nadeau took first place in the individual field sprint event.

Darryl Vruegendill was first in the over-35 division. He is well known in racing circles as a national champion in the tandem event.

The Tour de Crofton is sponsored by Team Snow Valley, working closely with the Crofton Civic association.

Membership in Team Snow Valley is open to bicyclists of all ability levels. The team sponsors several events during the year and takes part in races around the area.

This weekend, the team will take part in a "century" race at Herrington Harbor in Rose Haven. Racers can choose to ride 25, 50, 62 miles or 100 miles.

Anyone who would like to try bike racing is invited to take part. Proceeds from the event will go to the Chesapeake Bay Trust.

For more information about bicycle racing or about this weekend's event, call 410-721-8990 or send e-mail to swil@mindspring.com.

Hepfer retirement bash

Friends and fans of Arundel High School's award-winning wrestling coach Buddy Hepfer will celebrate his career at a retirement party from 8 p.m. to midnight Sept. 25 at the Columbian Center on Ritchie Highway in Severna Park.

Tickets will be available until Sept. 11 for $15. For tickets or for information, call Lori Hepfer at 410-695-1135.

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