Be a 4Kids Detective

Just for kids

August 31, 1999

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

What is Paige Brooks trying to cure in the lab?

When did the ship Royal Charter run aground? (Go to to find out.)

What year was the first transistor built?


It's time to get busy in the lab! The first step in the experiment is to carefully prepare the secret solution Once it's bubbling, you're ready to enter one of the doors of the FunZone laboratories. The second step of the experiment involves some decision-making. Should you hang out in the lab with the researchers? You can explore what they're doing with robots and melting points. Should you jump in the time machine? A good choice, since you'll get to go back to whatever time in history you want and learn about the helpful science advances of the day. No matter which experiment you choose, you are sure to discover that science is fun.


Found in everything from radios to robots, transistors are the tiny electrical devices that continue to be important today. At Transistorized!, you'll learn about one of the most important inventions of the 20th century. Switch the dial to http://www. and tune into a flurry of interactive science and amazing technology. Once here, you'll learn about how the transistor was created by a pair of daring scientists, and how it came to be used in everything from early radios to the integrated circuit. Games like the Periodic Puzzle and Wafer Maker provide an understanding behind the transitor's science. It's time to turn up the volume!

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