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August 30, 1999|By James Coates | James Coates,Chicago Tribune

I have a digital camera that I use with my PC to view the pictures that are in JPEG format. Is there a simple, inexpensive way I can link my PC to a TV to view the pictures?

First, you need to check the users' manual of your digital camera to find out whether the camera has a video-out feature, which is quite common among digital cameras and amounts to a wire that hooks into the camera body and then plugs into the RCA video-input jack on the TV set.

If your camera is in the minority that lacks an RCA-out feature, you could buy a device such as the $125 ViewAll from Zenith that plugs in between the PC and the monitor and converts computer display signals, called VGA, into the NTSC video signals used by TV sets.

The answer you gave the free-lancer who needed to keep track of his time surprised me. Why didn't you suggest that he use Quick Books Pro, which has a timer that runs in the background and can keep track of all his projects? He can bill his clients and keep track of his business with the rest of the program.

You were one of several readers who wrote to say I should have suggested the $219 Quick Books Pro software.

I suggested using the journal feature already included in Microsoft Office because a great many small-business people, particularly free-lancers, already own Office.

The costlier Quick Books Pro does quite a lot more than the typical free-lancer needs, such as handling inventories, maintaining payrolls and generating budgets.

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