Ravens camp was great funMy 8-year old son, one of his...


August 29, 1999

Ravens camp was great fun

My 8-year old son, one of his friends and I visited the Ravens' training camp recently, and it was entertaining, educational and plain fun.

My son and his friend really enjoyed the hands-on activities, and all three of us were mesmerized by being "up close and personal" with all the players during the practice session.

All the coaches, including Brian Billick, were both encouraging with positive feedback and specific (and loud if necessary) with constructive feedback. They were "teaching" and not just "telling and/or yelling," clearly a lesson in effective management in any business.

The best part was at the end of practice, when many players and coaches, including Billick, took the time to chat with the fans (mostly children) and sign autographs.

The Ravens may not be a winning team yet, but what I saw was a well-run organization with enthusiastic and confident leadership and a bright future ahead.

Philip G. Wohlfort, Fallston

Orioles on wrong course

Isn't it ironic that the wealth of the Orioles is directly responsible for the team's humiliating decline?

In the days of Jerry Hoffberger, the Orioles were a lean, mean organization that was the envy of the league in its shrewd development of outstanding young players.

Now comes Mr. Moneybags, Peter Angelos, who because of his massive ego and deep pockets believes he can assess player talent better than his hired staff.

Spending irrationally on recycled mercenary players whose best years have long past is now the trademark of the Orioles. Moreover, the team's failure to give young, hungry players an opportunity to make the team has resulted in uninspired, losing baseball.

Until Mr. Angelos dramatically changes course, the fans in this town can look forward to many more years of mediocrity.

Morton Marcus, Baltimore

Ely was breath of fresh air

Upon returning from a four-week vacation, I learned that WJZ's Jay Newman had fired Chris Ely. How can Channel 13 claim to be Baltimore's "favorite news station" when it pulls a stunt like that?

Ely was a breath of fresh air on weekends after listening to John "Geek of the Week" Buren weekdays. If Stan Saunders becomes the full-time replacement for Ely, I'll have to hit the mute button or change channels.

Jim Royer, Lutherville

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