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August 29, 1999|By Mary Moorhead | Mary Moorhead,Knight Ridder / Tribune

The Internet is filled with information on, about and for seniors. Here is a list of my favorite sites. For those of you who do not have a computer at home, try your local public library for Internet access.

Alzheimer's disease

* www.alz.org/ links you to the national Alzheimer's Association page. You can locate the association nearest you, programs, publications and the latest research. There is an excellent step-by-step approach to obtaining a thorough medical assessment of this difficult disease.

*www.adrc.wustl.edu/ alzheimer/ links you to "The Alzheimer Page," which answers frequently asked questions and has an excellent description of the stages of this disease. Also, both caregivers and professionals can subscribe to a nationwide list to receive messages and be able to e-mail thoughts or questions. After you locate the Web site, go to "Alzheimer List FAQ" for instructions on how to subscribe.

Medical needs

* www.medicare.gov/ is a wonderful site for all of us who are easily confused by Medicare. There are answers to the "The Top 20 questions on Medicare and Medicaid" and a "Medicare Compare" page describing Medicare's numerous health insurance options. Helpful nursing home information includes patients' rights, nationwide ombudsman advocacy programs, advice on how to approach the nursing home search and a checklist for that search.

* www.medque.com/ is a large online medical supply store that carries thousands of products from all categories, including wheelchairs, ramps, diabetic supplies and bathroom safety items. The "Aids to Daily Living in the Home" section sells compression stockings, cooking and writing aids, reachers and more.

* www.healthfinder.gov/ has health-care information for all ages. The site also includes access to online journals, libraries and medical dictionaries. For seniors, there is the pension search directory and a directory with Spanish terms for Social Security Administration terms.

Assisted living/ nursing homes

* www.ncal.org/ links you to the National Center for Assisted Living, and discusses all aspects of assisted living. Under the Consumer Information Section, there is a guide to assisted living and residential-care facilities, which details the important criteria for selecting a facility and includes a checklist to use in your search.

* www.newlifestyles.com/ is my favorite link to nursing homes, assisted-living facilities and continuing-care facilities in most major metropolitan areas throughout the country. I always give these popular directories to my clients. You may also telephone to request a comprehensive directory; call 800-869-9549.


* www.caregiver.com/ links you to Today's Caregiver. Check out "The Future of Caregiving," an interview with Ken Dyctwald, who often writes and lectures about the aging of America. This site includes a bulletin board where you can post messages. Also, for $18 a year, you can subscribe to Today's Caregiver Magazine, P.O. Box 21646, Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 33335.

For seniors

* www.iog.wayne.edu/ GeroWebd/GeroWeb.html provides a virtual library on aging with links to sites throughout the United States, Canada, Australia and Europe. You can search every category imaginable, including activity/exercise, caregiving, disability, long-term care and gerontology, among others. I found San Francisco's excellent California Advocates for Nursing Home Reform; Boston's Commission on Affairs of the Elderly, with services for seniors; and the Bel-Age Geriatric Center in Quebec, Canada.

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Pub Date: 08/29/99

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