The don'ts of reading aloud

Read-aloud Tips

August 29, 1999

The don'ts of reading aloud are as important as the do's. Here are some things to avoid when reading with your child.

* Don't start reading if there's not enough time to do it justice. Having to stop after one or two pages only serves to frustrate, rather than stimulate, your child's interest in reading.

* Don't be unnerved by questions during reading time, particularly from very young children. Answer their questions patiently. Don't put them off. Don't rush your answers. There is no time limit for reading a book, but there is a time limit on a child's inquisitiveness. Foster that curiosity with patient answers -- then resume your reading.

-- From "The Read-Aloud Handbook" by Jim Trelease

Pub Date: 08/29/99

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