`Aryan Blood Brotherhood' voter letter a stupid ruse for white or black racists

August 29, 1999|By GREGORY KANE

Who's behind the letter being sent to Baltimore voters from an organization supposedly called the "Aryan Blood Brotherhood"? I have two theories: either some very devious black people or the stupidest white people in America.

First you need to learn more about the letter. A former Sun editor, who lives in Guilford, says a neighbor brought it to him Tuesday morning. It was typewritten and dated Aug. 9. Here's how it reads: "Dear White Brother:

"It is with great pleasure that we support for Mayor, Martin O'Malley, a fine young man who is the last great hope for White people in the Jew-controlled City of Baltimore. For 13 years, the Blacks and Jews have destroyed our schools, and let criminals take over our streets. Not since the days of Tommy Delesandro [sic] and William Donald Schaefer [another O'Malley supporter!!!] have our streets been safe."

That's just the first paragraph, at which point readers must be wondering why this stuff wasn't handwritten in crayon. The second paragraph starts with a list of racial and ethnic slurs (the kindest of which is "half-breeds") and suggests whites are unsafe in their communities. The third paragraph says all the blacks running are either criminals or come from areas rife with "rapists, murderers and thieves." The piece wraps up urging whites to vote for O'Malley and "get our neighborhoods back from the Nigger Three -- Schmoke, Bell and Pratt "

Assuming an "Aryan Blood Brotherhood" exists, its members would have to be excruciatingly daft to think such a screed will appeal to Baltimore's white voters. Oh, there are probably a few white Baltimore voters who think this way, but most whites who are for O'Malley will vote for him for the same reason pro-O'Malley blacks will: They think he's the best candidate. Those whites who vote for Carl Stokes and Lawrence Bell also believe their candidate is the best.

O'Malley's politics are not the sort that get endorsement from white supremacists. He's a liberal to moderate Democrat, who, all his political life, has represented an integrated district and sought coalitions between blacks and whites. Any genuine white supremacist group -- Aryan Nations, White Aryan Resistance, the Order, the Skinheads, etc. -- will peg O'Malley as a race traitor, not a race savior. And O'Malley would probably be proud to be considered a race traitor by these yokels.

Which leaves the other theory: The culprits are black. In fact, we should go with this theory. The clues are in the letter. Re-read, class, the portion of the letter above, the one that refers to "the Jew-controlled City of Baltimore." Who, for the past year, has consistently referred to Baltimore as a city run by Jews? Has it been white supremacists? Nope. It's been the disgruntled, Jew-baiting wing of a group of local black nationalists who have accused Mayor Kurt L. Schmoke of being "controlled" by Jews. The not-very-bright senders of this letter told on themselves with that one.

Now look at the group's name: Aryan Blood Brotherhood. It sounds like a rip-off, doesn't it, of a black group from the 1920's known as the African Blood Brotherhood. That group did exist. Its leader was one Cyril Briggs, who also edited a paper called The Crusader. Briggs' ABB and his paper gave American intelligence officials fits, what with his constant urging of blacks to defend themselves against white lynch mobs. Government officials even suspected (wrongly) that the ABB was responsible for starting the infamous 1921 race riot in Tulsa, Okla.

So it's not inconceivable that a group of Baltimore blacks, unable to countenance the idea of a white mayor, drops the African from ABB, substitutes Aryan and sends out supposedly white racist literature supporting O'Malley. They figured Balti-morons are too stupid to make the connection between the Aryan Blood Brotherhood and the African Blood Brotherhood, but there are folks in this city who read. Some of us know these things.

Two Democratic candidates say they have no clue who's behind the letter. Kelley Ray, Stokes' spokeswoman, said, "We have no idea where it came from. Nobody seems to know." Stokes issued a news release asking all Baltimoreans and candidates to reject the letter and its ideas.

Martin O'Malley, when asked if he believed any such group as the Aryan Blood Brotherhood existed, gave a brief retort.

"No," he answered. When pressed for further comment, O'Malley said that he "almost didn't respond" to the letter.

"It looks like whoever mailed it wanted us to respond," O'Malley speculated, adding that the letters were sent to his known supporters in Northeast Baltimore.

(Shortly after the letter was publicized, Lawrence Bell also denounced it. Bell did not return calls seeking comment.)

The letter is clearly a ploy to prevent the election of a white candidate. It's a stupid, malicious ploy that members of the Aryan Blood Brotherhood -- if indeed, that's the real name -- should realize by now had all the effect of putting out a house fire with a squeeze bottle full of water.

Pub Date: 8/29/99

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