The guard bird of PasadenaIT'S HARDLY a Bird of...

Scene and Heard in Anne Arundel

August 29, 1999

The guard bird of Pasadena

IT'S HARDLY a Bird of Paradise.

Call it the Bird of Festival at Pasadena -- and it could put a guard dog to shame. Roosting in a tree on a grassy strip between the shopping center's Ritchie Highway entrance lane and a parking lot, it has zealously defended its turf in recent days.

A clerk at the nearby Circuit City store reported seeing the bird attack and nip the arm of a trash collector who unwittingly strayed into its no-man's land. A maintenance worker tending the grounds found himself fending off repeated swoops.

A woman casually walking bydid not notice as the bird twice flew past, a foot or two from the back of her head.

An attempt to reason with the bird -- with whistling -- enabled a casual bird-watcher to get a little closer to the home tree. But only a little closer before a squawk and a rush of wings won a beak-nip on the arm and sent the human into retreat.

Anyone considering a remake of Alfred Hitchcock's little horror movie, "The Birds," we've got the bird. Bring on Tippi Hedren!

-- David Michael Ettlin

Seeing the marvels of rain

WATCHING THE rain pour down in Annapolis last week, a woman was overheard marveling: "You can almost see the grass turning green."

-- Cheryl Tan

Pub Date: 8/29/99

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