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Meghan Lattin And Joshua Glikin

August 29, 1999|By Joanne E. Morvay | Joanne E. Morvay,Special to the Sun

Joshua Glikin met his wife-to-be, Meghan Lattin, in grade school. But she wasn't his elementary-school sweetheart.

Joshua and Meghan were introduced at the beginning of the 1996 school year. Meghan was, and still is, a third-grade teacher at Timonium Elementary School. Joshua's sister Sarah entered third grade at the same school that September.

Sarah's teacher, Marguerite Forte, first heard about Joshua when Sarah volunteered his help with a class video project. (Joshua is a producer at WJZ-TV. He works on "Rise and Shine" and "The Morning Edition," among other programs.)

Marguerite was thrilled to have Joshua's assist-ance. But she also planned to talk him into another endeavor. When Meghan began working at Timonium the previous year, Marguerite, a veteran teacher, had immediately taken the fledgling teacher under her wing. Over time, they became such good friends that when Marguerite set up a few dates for Meghan, the younger woman felt comfortable accepting.

Before she met Joshua, Marguerite asked Sarah if her brother had a girlfriend. He didn't. And Meghan wasn't seeing anyone then either.

With help from Joshua's mother -- who had met Meghan and found her charming -- Marguerite began setting the stage for the date between Joshua and Meghan. Joshua's mother gave Marguerite a photograph of a teen-age Joshua, as well as a letter he had written about how much he liked children. The letter had been written the summer he had applied to be a camp counselor. Meghan, who is devoted to children, couldn't help but be touched by the letter, the two women figured.

Meghan, indeed, found the letter charming. As for Joshua, although he was taken aback by his mother's role in the matchmaking, not to mention the bold actions of this schoolteacher he barely knew, he nonetheless was intrigued enough by their description of Meghan to give her a call.

That first conversation lasted 90 minutes. After a second, hourlong, phone call, the couple decided to meet. They went to dinner and then to a club in Fells Point.

On the ride home, as they harmonized together to music on the radio, Joshua decided that "Meghan was definitely a girl I could really like."

To be polite, Meghan went out on a blind date that Marguerite had set up for her before she had had her date with Joshua. But nothing came of it and she and Joshua began seeing one another exclusively.

Dates were scheduled around their jobs, around Joshua's law-school classes at the University of Baltimore and Meghan's work toward a master's degree in education at Towson University.

Last year, on the night before Thanksgiving, Joshua surprised Meghan by proposing marriage at the Milton Inn. He was able to catch Meghan off guard by having Marguerite ask her to dinner. When Marguerite excused herself from the table, Joshua came around the corner. He got down on one knee and began to speak. As Meghan tenderly recalls, Joshua "said he could live his life without me, but he could live it better with me."

On Aug. 6, Joshua, 28, and Meghan, 27, were married at St. Stephen's Church in Bradshaw. Matchmaker Marguerite served as a bridesmaid.

Among those witnessing the ceremony were Meghan's parents, Matthew and Susan Lattin of Joppa, and Joshua's mother and stepfather, Diana and Thomas Amrhein of Timonium. (Joshua's father, Oscar Glikin, is deceased.)

And the couple who share a love of children also had a few special guests at their wedding -- all of last year's third-graders at Timonium Elementary School.


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Pub Date: 08/29/99

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