Federation of Hispanic Organizations of Maryland


August 29, 1999|By Karin Remesch

Mission: To preserve and promote the rich culture and heritage of Hispanic nations. To participate in and contribute to social, governmental and educational programs. And to be of service to people of Hispanic origin by assisting with education, employment, health, housing and immigration. The federation, an umbrella for 10 Hispanic organizations, was founded in 1977 and is run by volunteers.

Latest accomplishments: Sponsorship of the annual Hispanic Festival and Latino Congress. Assistance with a Resource Development Workshop for Hispanic/Latino nonprofit organizations; a workshop for Hispanic/Latino businesses to access more contracts with local and state governments; and an education and employment fair. The group opened an after-school drop-in-center for girls ages 10-14 that is run by the Girl Scouts of Central Maryland. The federation has participated in parades, including the Papal Procession in Baltimore, Columbus Day Parade and Fourth of July parades. For the past three years, the organization has also sponsored dinners in honor of Latino high school graduates.

On the horizon: With the lease and eventual acquisition of property at 317 S. Broadway, the federation will have a permanent home with offices for each of its member organizations. The building will also be available for meetings, workshops, seminars and training programs. Plans also include expanded services for young people; opening the after-school drop-in-center to boys; and offering classes in adult literacy, citizenship and English as a second language.

About the federation: Federation services reach more than 5,000 Hispanics each year. About 15,000 annually attend the Hispanic Festival. Operating budget: $30,000.

Where and when: 317 S. Broadway; mailing address: P.O. Box 25915, Baltimore, Md. 21224. Call 410-931-1640.

Marco A. Pineyro, president of the board of directors: "We are trying to raise money to match the $100,000 granted to us by the Maryland legislature. This acquisition will allow us to sponsor intervention programs for the prevention of teen pregnancy, gang formation, and high school dropouts. Latinos are here in Baltimore City, and we will change the city for the best. We will fill many of the vacant rowhouses and help make Baltimore beautiful again."

Members of the board

Cecilia Benalcazar

Mario Cuellar

Angel Dwarka

Jesus Miranda

Vanessa Ortiz

Jose G. Ramirez

Bernardo Rosencwaig

Stephanie Simpson

Pub Date: 08/29/99

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