Orioles fever


August 29, 1999|By SLOANE BROWN

An Orioles double-header at the Sheraton Inner Harbor? You bet! The hotel was the scene of Eddie Murray and J. Frank Cashen's induction into the Orioles Hall of Fame at the Oriole Advocates' 15th Orioles Hall of Fame Luncheon. About 425 fans gathered in the stands (which looked a lot like banquet tables) to cheer on Murray, the former O's first baseman and current coach, and Cashen, the team's one-time general manager.

So maybe the eats weren't hot dogs and peanuts -- more like baked chicken and rice. But Orioles fever here was no different than at the ballpark, as each inductee scored his award.

Among the Bird boosters: Angie Reaves, luncheon chair; Blaine Baer, Hall of Fame committee chair; Chuck Lippy, Hall of Fame coordinator; George Bollock, Orioles Advocate president; Joe Foss, Orioles vice chair and chief operating officer; Elrod Hendricks, Orioles coach; Lee McPhail, former American League president; Ron Shapiro, sports agent; Sam Chairs, treasurer for Asbestos Specialists Inc.; and Larry Kendrick, a liaison officer for the Drug Enforcement Agency.

Pub Date: 08/29/99

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