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August 27, 1999|By Dan Rodricks

WILLIAM A. "Sy" Seiler III, tennis teacher, golf instructor, financial adviser, Ferrari fanatic, speaks for himself -- and his son. He posted a sign in front of his office on Jarretsville Pike in Baltimore County. The sign says: "2 MEN DESIRE 2 WED TO HAVE 2 SONS BY 2002. Please call 410-692-6400."

2 blunt?

2 bad.

2 men in search of life partners. Why not be straight and honest about it? And a sign is cheaper than a personal ad.

"I've had a few calls but no dates so far," says Seeiler, who spends half the year in Florida. He teaches tennis during the summer in Monkton. His son, David, is a doctor who teaches microsurgery. He's 33 and single.

"And conservative," says his father. "He's very conservative. He's laid-back. He's ...."


"Yes, mild-mannered. He's very nice, more attractive and more eligible than me. I'm the extrovert."

The elder Seiler is 53, once widowed, once divorced.

"My son and I are both interested in having kids," he says. "Because if we don't, the family name dies with us."

Actually, it would die with his son. The elder Seiler, who has three adult children, has done his part.

But it sounds as if he'd be willing to do his part again.

By the way, if Seiler gets no dates this summer, he'll take the sign with him to Florida and post it there.

Bad news for Bell, maybe

With the latest Gonzales/Arscott poll on the mayoral election, I'm going to take a few grains of salt, only because it's hard to believe that L. Bell's support in the 4th District, West Baltimore, stands at only 35 percent, with Carl Stokes beating him by a percentage point. The 4th is Bell's base. He came out of the 4th; voters there elected him to the council in 1987, when he was 25 years old. They helped make him City Council president in 1995. At Saturday's Stone Soul Picnic in Druid Hill Park, near his neighborhood, Bell's appearance generated the type of excitement associated with a winner. It's hard to believe he's running third overall -- well behind Stokes and Martin O'Malley -- and getting only mediocre numbers in his home district. That's big bad news for Bell. If true.

The poll has O'Malley with 15 percent in the 4th, and that's impressive. If true.

Then again ... the same poll shows O'Malley with just 37 percent of the vote in the 3rd District, his home port. (It's not unusual these days to see homes in the 3rd, which is in Northeast Baltimore, with signs for two and sometimes three of the candidates.) Stokes, who once was a councilman from the 2nd District, gets 30 percent of the support in the 3rd, according to the poll. Impressive. If true.

Fasten your seat belts, folks.

Chill carries over

A friend writes: "I was reading a story in The Sun about a local celebrity who avoids making a lot of public appearances and answering questions from journalists, and I wasn't sure who the story was about -- Albert Belle or Lawrence Bell." ... Have you noticed temperatures around Baltimore cooling a bit? We've had some pleasant days and nights. Must be that chill between O'Malley and Bell.

Just plain rank

Martin O'Malley shouldn't worry about separating himself from that ugly racist mailing by the so-called Aryan Blood Brotherhood. O'Malley is Roman Catholic. Last I checked, Catholics were included in the hateful ravings of most of those sick-o white supremacist groups. Whoever created the mailing was a rank amateur -- or just rank. ... Had I seen it first, I never would have given up space in Wednesday's TJI for an item about Leonard Kerpelman's video for his "Inform Yourself" show on Baltimore cable television. In it, Kerpelman presents O'Malley and L. Bell as straw dummies -- because they supposedly turned down his invitations to appear for a debate on his show. It seems amusing, until you see and hear it. Kerpelman voices-over Bell in ridiculing minstrel-show fashion. It's detestable. Forgive me for even bringing it up. (Yesterday, in a facsimile to TJI, Kerpelman said that he's withdrawing the video from the program.)

Callers deserve more

Many TJI readers empathized with my frustrating efforts to get the name and telephone number of a hospital in Stroudsburg, Pa., through long-distance directory assistance. A couple had suggestions. "I'd recommend using www.switchboard.com on the Internet," wrote Jane Terebey, a librarian. "There's a feature for looking up by business category, and then you can select either looking 'near' or 'in' a certain city." Eric Feigenbaum of Catonsville suggested Yahoo Yellow Pages on the World Wide Web. "I typed in Stroudsburg, Pa., and searched 'hospital' and had the number for Pocono Medical Center in about a minute."

I appreciate the help. But what if you don't have a personal computer handy? For the money we're paying for directory assistance calls, operators should have handy numbers for emergency situations -- local police and fire departments, and hospitals with emergency rooms. That's not an extravagant demand. That should be easy by now.

Make time for ducklings

To salute them for their efforts, I'd like to send a high-five -- or, better yet, a case of Murry's steaks -- to the guys at Station 14, Brooklandville, Baltimore County Fire Department. They saved some ducklings. Yeah, the big galoots -- Rick Holden, Rob Serio and Mark Kemmer -- were servicing fire hydrants on Seminary Avenue when one of them noticed a mother duck squawking by a storm drain. Her babies -- all seven of them -- had fallen in and couldn't get out. The firefighters lifted the grate, reached down and delivered every duckling to the mother, who waddled off happily with her brood. How's that? Is that a nice story? Murry, send those guys some steaks.

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Pub Date: 08/27/99

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