Camp update

August 24, 1999|By Mike Preston

Sensitive, eh?: Starting quarterback Scott Mitchell played poorly in practice yesterday, but Billick was direct when a reporter asked if reserve Tony Banks had closed the gap on Mitchell. "Tony did some good things, Tony did some things he has to work on, as did Scott," Billick said. "Scott Mitchell is the starting quarterback as of now; has been for a while. I'll alert you when that changes."

New job: Punter Paul McCord, waived by the Ravens yesterday, was back at his old job as Western Maryland's special teams coach, a job he has held the past four years. McCord was coaching with his new team about 100 yards away from his previous employer.

Help wanted: Since owner Art Modell is looking for a minority investor, he may look no farther than defensive end Michael McCrary, who is in negotiations for a contract extension. Talks are expected to resume today.

Tense moment: A silence hung over the field when Ray Lewis, McCrary and Errict Rhett got tangled up and fell to the ground during a passing play.

Great matchup: It was worth the price of admission (even though it's free) to watch McCrary and left tackle Jonathan Ogden go head-to-head yesterday for the first time in this camp. McCrary, though, still isn't in game shape and the first round went to Ogden.

Injuries: Tight end Aaron Pierce (hip), offensive tackle Sammy Williams (shoulder), safety Anthony Poindexter (knee) and wide receiver Jermaine Lewis (back spasms) either did not practice or had limited workouts.

Fights: It was Monday at the fights as offensive tackles Bob Sapp and Harry Swayne mixed it up during a blocking drill and the ultimate nice guy, outside linebacker Peter Boulware, got into a scrape with tight end Lovett Purnell. That one lasted 15 yards into the offensive backfield. You can tell it's time for the end of the four-week camp, which comes to a close Thursday.

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