Be a 4Kids Detective

Just for kids

August 24, 1999

When you know the answers to these questions, go to

What does Herman love to eat at the Worm Deli?

Who is in Miko's secret society at Purple Moon?

Where in your brain does most of the thought take place?

(Go to to

find out.)


Worm is the word at The Adventures of Herman, the Net site dedicated to our favorite creepy-crawlers. Get a worm's-eye view at http://www.urbanext.uiuc. edu/worms/index.html. Once here, you'll get the inside scoop on a worm's eating habits, its anatomy and its place on the food chain. Pass the veggie platter, will ya? At Worm Facts, you'll find out how there can be more than a million earthworms in one acre of land, and other cool tidbits. Or slither out to Herman's Fun Place, where you can write your own worm story, explore the underground in Herman's Tunnel or get crayon crazy at Color Me Herman. Got a wormy question that hasn't been answered? You can always send it to Herman himself. Or follow one of the site's worm links to a wealth of information about this splendid creature. Dive into Herman's Web wormhole now!


It's not a planet, but it IS out of this world! Aim for http://www. and get into a really cool stratosphere for girls on the Web. Meet Rockett and her cartoon friends at Whistling Pines Junior High. They're a cool bunch of kids from all kinds of backgrounds, and they take living seriously -- they're out doing and learning and being energized. Which kid is a poet and which one's a prize-winning cook? You'll have to hang around with them for a while and get to know who's who. (Check out their personal Web pages to get the scoop.) Then get into the action by becoming a reporter for their school paper. There's a lot to do once you've met the gang: scavenger hunts, art projects and stuff to collect. Take your first voyage to the moon today!

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