Collecting Bugs

Just for kids

August 23, 1999


The Yak got a great craft idea from Jo-Ann etc. and Jo-Ann stores: Styrofoam bugs! You can find this and other fun things at Then you can make a collection of bugs to last right up until school starts.


1 small Styrofoam egg shape

4 small round Styrofoam balls

Acrylic craft paint

Chenille stems

1 small package of sequins

1 package of "googly eyes"

Craft glue



1. Paint Styrofoam balls. Allow to dry.

2. Using egg shape as head, attach the balls together with toothpicks.

3. Fold and twist eight chenille stems in half. Leave loop at the bottom for feet. Insert one into each side.

4. Cut one chenille stem in half. Wrap around your finger and put in the head for antennae. Do the same for the tongue.

5. Glue sequins on the body and head.

6. Glue on sequins for nose and glue on eyes.

Pub Date: 08/23/99

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