`Nasty 1570' will be missedWe were sorry to hear that 1570...


August 22, 1999

`Nasty 1570' will be missed

We were sorry to hear that 1570 AM, Baltimore's first and only all-sports radio station, will soon be dropping its all-sports format. The existence of "Nasty 1570" was a welcomed addition to a sports radio landscape in Baltimore that has always seemed to be too corporate, too vanilla or too uninformed.

You can say what you want about Nasty 1570's proprietor and highest-profile on-air personality, Nestor Aparicio, but you can't ignore the service he provided to local sports fans through his radio station. Aparicio produced an interactive forum where fans could debate issues with the station's hosts, as well as other callers, at just about any hour of the day.

It's a shame that over the past year, while Nasty 1570 was providing this tremendous service, The Sun's sports media critic, Milton Kent, virtually ignored the station's existence. While Kent's "boycott" did not cause Nasty 1570's demise, it certainly kept many Sun readers from being exposed to a valuable entity in the local sports scene.

Congratulations to Nasty 1570 for providing Baltimore sports fans with one year of great all-sports programming. Milton Kent might not miss you, but we will.

Marc Bouchard and Jody Martin, Towson

Scott camp great experience

My 11-year-old son recently attended the Bob Scott Lacrosse Camp, and I feel compelled to write in appreciation for this enriching experience.

We have attended camps and clinics before and have felt lost in the shuffle of other campers and the competitive nature that the camp seemed to propagate among the children and even the parents. In some cases the staff seemed to focus on the athletes with more refined skills to the exclusion of the other participants.

I had heard Coach Scott's camp was counter to this philosophy, and when I enrolled I sincerely hoped that this was the case. The five days of camp proved to be an invaluable lacrosse primer that stressed fundamentals and created an environment that showcased that this wonderful sport was above all fun for kids and their parents.

Thanks, Coach Scott, for what you have given to my son and all the boys who have been touched by your vision of providing an opportunity for growth both as good lacrosse players and good people.

Marty Delaney, Parkville

These golfers not above par

Tiger Woods, David Duval and Mark O'Meara have one thing in common. They have joined the legions of sports professionals with their unhealthy desire for gluttonous measures of wealth.

This was demonstrated by their comments regarding monetary compensation for playing on the U.S. Ryder Cup team. It is the pinnacle of arrogance to blurt out these remarks against the tradition and the spirit of the Ryder Cup.

Are they so financially deficient that they have to beg for higher compensation for the honor of representing their country?

They need a large dose of military service to dry behind their ears to appreciate the deeds of true patriots.

George A. Jakovics, Annapolis

La Russa? No thanks

Sun columnist Ken Rosenthal writes that Tony La Russa, if he were hired to manage the Orioles, "would be embraced by Orioles fans."

Count me out of the romance. Hiring La Russa would be repeating the same expensive mistake at the managerial level that the Orioles have made again and again at the player level. Give me Rick Dempsey and a bunch of young, hungry players anytime!

Quentin D. Davis, Aberdeen

O's should've dealt Erickson

The Orioles made a big mistake in not trading pitcher Scott Erickson when the opportunity existed. Now they are stuck with a tremendous salary and an over-the-hill pitcher who will be lucky to win 10 games this season.

John C. Zaruba, Baltimore

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