"I like 'Mr. Pam Pam and the Hullabazoo' by Trish Cooke...

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August 22, 1999

"I like 'Mr. Pam Pam and the Hullabazoo' by Trish Cooke because it is exciting and silly. This story is about Mr. Pam Pam who saw a Hullabazoo every time he went over to a little boy's house. Mr. Pam Pam was stingy and his favorite food was banana ice cream with gravy. One day the Hullabazoo followed Mr. Pam Pam to the little boy's house. He was wearing purple socks and a flat orange cap. One day you might meet a Hullabazoo too."

-- Candace Burrell

Callaway Elementary

"I would recommend 'Wayside School is Falling Down' by Louis Sachar to anyone who has a good sense of humor. The school has 30 floors and no elevator. Mrs. Jewls, the teacher, has strange and funny rules. Mrs. Jewls only gives 15 minutes for recess. Her classroom is at the top of the building. It takes the students the whole time to get down the stairs. The food in the lunchroom is always a surprise; for 18 days they had mushroom surprise."

-- Paul Meseke Jr.

Arbutus Elementary

"In 'Noah and the Ark' by Sarah Toast, a storm is coming for 40 days and nights. One day when Noah opened his window it was not raining. 'Noah and the Ark' is a good book."

-- Katherine Lenhart

Runnymede Elementary

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