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August 22, 1999

Young children begin each school year full of wonder and eager to learn. They have a natural curiosity and an unending supply of questions. "Do fish fly?" "Why is the ocean blue?" In the past, questions like these may have been given a cursory response or even dismissed in the rush of the busy school day. With today's technology, however, teachers can direct students to sources that will quickly expand their knowledge and feed their appetite to learn.

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Schools are developing ways to use technology to communicate with families and students after school hours. Check with your child's school to see what is available.

* A homework hot line that provides students with assignments.

* Voice-mail systems enable parents and students to call in for taped messages from teachers regarding classroom activities and announcements.

* E-mail allows parents and students to leave messages for teachers and also provides a means for teachers to communicate to students at their homes.

-- Susan Rapp

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