Singer Reba McEntire works with First Book

Promoting Literacy

August 22, 1999

Move over, Oprah. Now Reba has a book club -- and a role in a national literacy organization.

Country singer Reba McEntire has become national spokeswoman for First Book, a Washington-based nonprofit organization that works with local literacy groups to provide new books and tutoring to needy children.

Along with that role, there is Reba's First Book Club, a national program intended to "encourage children and their families to discover the magic of books, as well as help raise funds to buy new books for homeless and disadvantaged children across America."

The Barnes & Noble bookstore chain's 500-plus outlets are organizing monthly book club events, and -- continuing its long support of First Book -- donating 10 percent from the sale of any "Reba Recommends" title purchased at Barnes & Noble or B. Dalton Bookseller stores.

First Book has set a goal of distributing 3 million books and reaching at-risk children in 300 communities in the next year.

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