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August 21, 1999|By Frederick N. Rasmussen

This week in The Sun

150 years ago

August 22, 1849: For California -- The barque Martin W. Brett. Capt. Whittman, sailed yesterday for San Francisco. She carries out freight, lumber, bricks, tobacco, liquors &c., besides several houses ready framed for being put up immediately upon their arrival. ... The good barque has our best wishes for a speedy passage, and may the passengers reap, in this new world to which they are going, all that their hopes anticipate. Many of them go to remain permanently, and make California their future home.

100 years ago

August 21, 1899: Louisa Myers, one of the most noted female criminals this country has ever known, died yesterday at the Maryland Penitentiary, where she was serving a term of three years for larceny. The woman had a police record all over the country, and her career was deemed so important by Inspector Byrnes of New York, that he devoted a chapter of his book on criminals to her. She was known as Mary Miller, but was also known by the namesof Clark, Butler, White and Doyle.

50 years ago

August 21, 1949 -- Washington, Aug. 20 -- The average Marylander's income mounted to $1,546 last year. This was $92 more than his income the previous year and approximately 10 percent more than the average American's in 1948.

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