Amid turmoil, medical journal gets new editor

Angell gets total control of name, logo and content

August 20, 1999|By BOSTON GLOBE

BOSTON -- As expected, Dr. Marcia Angell has agreed to serve as interim editor in chief of the New England Journal of Medicine, effective Sept. 1, the Massachusetts Medical Society announced yesterday.

Like the previous editor, Dr. Jerome P. Kassirer, Angell will have total control of the content and editorial policies of the New England Journal of Medicine, said the medical society's president, Dr. Jack Eigy.

Angell said she also will have total control over the use of the name, logo and content, which she said is "very important."

The journal ousted Kassirer because of his long-standing opposition to using its name to promote other journals, magazines and consumer newsletters.

The medical society agreed this month to sharply limit the use of the New England Journal of Medicine when promoting other publications.

A board-certified pathologist, Angell joined the journal in 1979 and became its executive editor in 1988. She received her medical degree from Boston University School of Medicine, and trained in internal medicine at the Mount Auburn and University hospitals and in pathology at Mount Auburn and New England Deaconess hospitals.

The medical society, which publishes the journal, is compiling a search committee to select a permanent editor in chief. The panel will have representatives from the journal's editorial staff and the wider medical academic community.

Angell said she plans to retire when a permanent editor takes over, but did not rule out the possibility of becoming a candidate for the permanent position. However, she said she thinks it is "unlikely."

The Associated Press contributed to this article.

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