Some ways to build that nest egg with less risk

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August 20, 1999|By Julius Westheimer

IF YOU are looking for conservative advice, the No-Load Fund Investor says: "Stay put and stay diversified. With new money, `dollar-cost average' to reduce volatility risk. Keep 15 percent of your cash in money funds for buying opportunities. Buy utility stocks and funds. Move `lightly back' into European and Asian stocks."

SAFETY IN YIELD: "Warren Buffett is buying real estate investment trusts," says Today's Value Investor. "Reason: High yield of REITs -- nearly three percentage points above long Treasury returns -- provides a `floor' in this volatile market."

WALL STREET WATCH: "Predictions on when the Dow will reach 20,000 vary from 2002 (2 percent) to 2010 (6 percent) but the most common answer was 2006 (24 percent)." (Worth magazine survey)

"For the first time since last summer's near meltdown, our indicators confirm a bear market. The odds we're still in a bull market suddenly dropped to less than 30 percent." (Investech)

"The market will not move to new highs soon. An `oversold rally' will fail as the averages retrace 50 percent of the recent devastating decline." (Professional Tape Reader)

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