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August 19, 1999

More than 55 people responded to last week's question: Columbia is home to a couple of multiplex movie theaters, and a larger multiplex is being planned for The Mall. Do you think Columbia needs a smaller art house that shows independent and foreign films and documentaries?

I am pleading for an independent, small art theater. Every time I find a picture I want to see it's in Washington or downtown Baltimore or the other side of Baltimore at the Rotunda. Please, I've been writing letters and I remember it being promised by the Palace Theatre when it opened many years ago that there would be one, and it never happened.

Sharon Chaiklin, Columbia

I believe it would be great if we had an art house. These movies would be filled up, I think, with Columbia residents. I think it'd be great. It would keep us from having to go in to the Charles Theatre and we could keep the money in Columbia. I think it's a great idea -- I hope that they do it. A suggestion might be to redo the theater downtown -- the three theaters across from Bennigan's -- and maybe make that the art house. I think it would be fantastic.

Lana Fink, Columbia

Columbia would absolutely benefit from an art house for independent, foreign and documentary films. Part of the "theory" of Columbia is to promote diversity of thought, creativity and social intelligence. Having "South Park" showing at three Columbia theaters simultaneously is perhaps not the best way to achieve this.

Thomas Kight, Columbia

I think an art house would be better. Snowden Square and Columbia Palace Nine can probably handle most of the movie traffic for Columbia at the moment, but for those of us who want to see the films in a smaller release, we have to go to the Inner Circle in D.C. or the Charles in Baltimore. Or maybe a multiplex like the Charles where they show half art films and half wide-releases.

Christopher Bachmann, Columbia

A house for indies, foreign and documentary films is much needed in this area. Demographics should make such a venture profitable, as the Columbia Film Society can only begin to scratch the surface of what is available.

Jacqueline Babcock, Ellicott City

Does Columbia need it? Certainly. Do people want it? Save for the precious few, probably not. Those films rely on content and subtlety. Not exactly today's top priority. Build another multiplex. Show those wide-screen, digitized, Dolbyized masterpieces of sex and violence. County Fathers, sit back and count the money!

Louis J. Caronna, Baltimore

I certainly would like to see a movie house that shows just those kinds of films in Columbia. We really suffer by not having something like that around. For example, I think with "The Winslow Boy" recently we had to go down to Bethesda to see that. And I just think that there is a market for smaller film houses here in Columbia.

Tom Groome, Columbia

I would be very interested in seeing a smaller art house that shows independent and foreign films and documentaries. I think that Columbia is very much in need of it right now. We need to go to downtown Baltimore or downtown D.C.

Lenore Pell, Columbia

Yes, I absolutely feel very strongly that Columbia can use an art house. Anytime we want to see a foreign film or a film that doesn't get major distribution, we're traveling up the Beltway about a half an hour. I think we have the population in the Howard County area and surrounding areas to support this.

Nancy Macks, Ellicott City

I definitely think we need a movie theater that will give more documentaries and the arts and foreign films, which is something that I do at college.

Nanette Greenbaum, Columbia

Absolutely Columbia must have a smaller independent art house that'll show independent and foreign films and documentaries. I often frequented the Charles Theatre in Baltimore, the Play House, as well at the Rotunda and sometimes the Senator. And I have not had the opportunity to get to similar theaters, to Washington and Georgetown, as I used to do. But Columbia definitely could support such a theater.

Brenda Valentine Harris, Ellicott City

Yes, I do think that Columbia needs an art house that shows independent and foreign films and documentaries. Right now I drive to Washington and Baltimore to see them. And I'm also a member of the Columbia Film Society, and I certainly would support another movie theater.

Leonora Heys, Columbia

It is only logical that the General Cinema 3 in Town Center be transformed into an art theater. With 26 screens in town now between the three theaters, Columbia area theatergoers still are limited to only the blockbuster and mainstream movies. Too often, the available movies overlap at United Artists 14, Loews 9, and General Cinema 3 leaving Columbia area residents shut out from seeing more independent, art and foreign films without traveling and spending our time and money outside of Columbia.

Sue Plaut, Columbia

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